Asset Intelligence allows you to:
Identify and Resolve
Issues Faster

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See all of your O&M data in one place

Krypton brings data from all of your operations and maintenance systems into one unified framework, providing a searchable end-to-end view of your operations – enabling full situational awareness

Identify and resolve issues faster

Krypton’s O&M Decision Engine continuously monitors and learns from events and anomalies, helping identify and diagnose issues faster, reducing mean-time-to-detection (MTTD) and mean-time-to-repair (MTTR)

Improve performance and reduce costs

Krypton shifts your organization from reactive to condition-based maintenance, providing early failure detection, increasing asset availability, and avoiding unnecessary maintenance

Krypton Works With

Krypton Is

Easy to Setup

Krypton is a cloud-based service, and our O&M data agents integrate seamlessly with your existing IT and OT systems.

Built to Scale

Krypton scales on demand without manual intervention. Every tier of Krypton is distributed and designed to grow with your needs.

Secure and Reliable

End-to-end SSL encryption and AES 256 full disk encryption, regular vulnerability scans, full data redundancy, ISO 27001 data centers.

Blazing fast

Monitor and troubleshoot in real-time. Krypton was engineered from the ground-up to be fast.

Advanced Analytics

Machine learning and predictive analytics make sense of asset behavior across your environment with pattern, anomaly and outlier detection.

Cloud Native

Cloud-hosted solutions eliminate IT costs. Get access to the latest capabilities without time-consuming, expensive upgrades.

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