See all of your data
in one place

Asset Intelligence as a Service

Learn from every Data Point
Krypton helps O&M organizations learn from every data point to increase asset performance and improve productivity. Krypton unifies data from disparate sources, uses machine learning to detect anomalies in real-time, and provides rich applications to monitor and visualize events.
Krypton Collect

Collect and Unify Data from Multiple Sources

Krypton Decision Engine

Detect and Correlate Anomalies

Krypton Analytics

Visualize, Understand, and Resolve Events

Krypton Collect

Collect and Unify all of your O&M data

Collect Everything O&M

Use Krypton’s agent-based collectors to bring all of your relevant data to one place, including EAM, Historian and SCADA.

Manage Data Quality

Krypton automatically calculates quality scores, detect outliers, and validates your O&M data to improve accuracy of decision making.

Unified O&M Model

Combine work history, operator interactions and relevant time-series data into a singularly addressable environment.

Krypton Decision Engine

A continuous learning environment for O&M teams.

React to data as it arrives

Evaluate O&M data in real time, using a scalable, fault-tolerant, distributed stream processing engine capable of processing millions of data points per second.


Answer questions like “Have we seen this behavior before?” Krypton’s Asset Graph automatically maps relationships between assets to uncover insights previously not visible.


Krypton analyzes your data, finds anomalies and tells the story behind issues. It uses machine learning algorithms to uncover problems without writing every rule, creating every threshold or anticipating every issue an asset might encounter.

Krypton Analytics

Asset Intelligence tools to improve business outcomes

O&M Global Search

Rapidly search O&M data including time-series data, work history, and operator interactions to answer questions about your assets from a single interface.

Unified Monitoring

Troubleshoot problems faster with the help of Krypton’s machine-learning algorithms for pattern recognition, failure prediction, root-cause analysis, and action recommendations.

Alert Engine

Generate alerts in real-time across complex data sets and operational environments. Automatically publish data and alerts across SMS, email, and in-application.

Situation Room

Solve O&M problems faster using a web-based collaboration tool that brings the right people and expertise together with the relevant data, history, and analysis in a single location.

Unified O&M Reporting

Build custom visualizations, KPIs, dashboards, and reports, and perform ad-hoc analysis to extract business insights from your data, accessible from any browser.

Analytics ToolBox

Perform interactive data analytics with a web-based analytics notebook, supporting multiple languages, including Python and SQL.