Learn from every data point

Unified O&M Data Management
See all of your O&M data in one place
Monitor and Troubleshoot
Identify and solve issues faster
Automated Analytics
Improve asset performance and reliability

Unified O&M Data Management

Centralize all O&M data Consolidate mixed-source and mixed type O&M data into a single, secure location.
Search everything Easily search and correlate events in real-time across all O&M data.
Enrich your Data Automatically classify and add relationships to make existing data more discoverable.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Real-time operations monitoring Monitor and set alerts on key metrics to detect outliers and abnormal behavior.
Advanced troubleshooting Quickly diagnose root cause across your entire fleet of deployed assets.
Proactive discovery Identify reliability and performance problems using machine learning to discover issues before they impact production.

Automated Reliability Analytics

Continuous (Data) Improvement Automatically capture data quality and connectivity issues, establish lineage and traceability of data and enrich data as it arrives with contextual annotations.
See impeding issues earlier Shift from reactive to condition-based maintenance using advanced stream processing.
Connect the dots Automatically build a library of failure signature patterns and their diagnosed cause.

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Metals and Mining